Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ok its very seldom I go into the subject of religion (it never ends well) but there is something that really has been pissing me off as of late. 

Militant Atheists! 

You know the type of guys-gals who will immediately protest about religion at the slightest chance. Now don't get me wrong, I'm far from a right wing religious nut. Its just that recently with all these retarded threads, and with a lot of my friends its the exact same **** over and over. Even if we would so much as mention the church here or every time I would in real life pass a church with my friends the following would ensues:

"You believe in something, oh you're retarded, you're wrong, science is the only constant in this world, there is no proof for anything you believe in, rabble rabble"

"But I don't really believe..."

"Rabble rabble rabble, church is wrong, everyone is an idiot except atheists rabble rabble"

The thing is they're not talking about preachers or whatever here, these are just average everyday Joe Soaps like you and me. They don't work for any church, they don't go to prayer meetings or whatever else the religious nut-jobs seem to do.

90% of the time with these people I feel like I'm dealing with born again Christians trying to convert me rather than "scientific minds". And the thing is these are the same people who usually freak out if they see some religious guy so much as handing out flyers on the street. I mean at least he's doing it as part of his church (and sometimes even for a good cause). However these people just seem to love to argue about how religion is only a pack of ****. 

Tl;dr : Militant Atheist types, we get it, you believe in nothing, you find it illogical that people do. However there is no need to shout it from the rooftops every 5 minutes, I don't see any religious people taking such an aggressive stance (except the right wing nuts).


  1. Not being funny pal, but where I'm from, it's not the Atheist's screaming that they don't believe in anything, it's the Christians.

    Preaching outloud on the streets, throwing flyers at my face. I live without religion, I'm happy, leave me alone.

  2. Agreed. As an atheist I feel very embarrassed when my other fellow non-believers feel the need to abuse and torment believers. I do not care what your faith is, I respect any kind, AS LONG AS YOU KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! If everyone could follow this simple rule, we could all believe in the craziest ideas possible and still live in harmony.

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