Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cool is attitude

I'm sitting here watching Steve McQueen in Papillion.

There's a fella who I reckon isn't particularly good looking, and not buffed up by todays gym whore standards but sweet jesus that man is cool. Just by sitting there squinting his eyes in the sun, that man is effortlessly cool.

Like Sinatra and the boys in the pack back in the day, none who were all that fantastic looking but they were gents in suits that you wouldn't f*ck with. Which is cool.

These are men, not Orlando Bloom or Russel Brand types, men who were men and were cool for a bit of attitude and who could carry it. 

I'm struggling to think of many who are around now, maybe it's 'cause of teenies who are dominating whats at the front of pop culture, and footie players are mostly pussies now, remember Cantona anyone??

Sebastien Chabal comes to mind.
Clint Eastwood, he could probably say more with one look that most actors would in an entire film. Humphrey Bogart, not afraid to give a lad a smack in the chops if they mistreated a lady. Christopher Walken, by virtue of having his voice and his ice cold demeanor is absolutely cool.

The real cool individuals are the ones who don't have to do much in order to be cool. Look at Dean Martin, the man was cool incarnate even though he spent a lot of time in close proximity to Jerry Lewis. Lewis spent his time mugging for the camera and falling around the stage, where as Dean would just stand there with a drink in hand being effortlessly cool.

Being cool is all about attitude.


  1. Couldn't agree more.

    we are not our fancy clothes, we are not our haircuts, we are not our f*cking coffetable.. we are a generation of men raised by women.

    this shit needs to stop.

  2. well said, Steve McQueen is the man.

  3. What about Charlie Sheen? That man is the epitome of coolness.